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Each chainstitch embroidery piece is created by hand, in my Calgary studio,  using a vintage hand-operated Singer 114w103 chainstitch machine from the 1930s. With this machine, I am able to create work that speaks to the unique, hand crafted and personal nature of traditional embroidery, which has been lost due to the rise in digital embroidery designs and mass-production. 

All pieces are hand-made one at a time, from the drawing to the finished product. This means that every piece is unique and although it can be replicated, no two pieces will be the exact same. 

Fushia Peony Chainstitch embroidery patch
Hannya mask chainstitch embroidery on denim shirt
Japanese tiger chainstitch embroidery on denim pants
Chainstitch embroidery text on army jacket
Neon jellyfish chainstitch embroidery on denim jacket
Custom logo sign
Textile Industry

Chainstitch Machine Embroidery

Small, medium, or large scale embroidery on garments, soft (textile) signs or framed pieces of art. Best suited to bolder designs and looks great on denim!

Cotton Threads

Hand Embroidery

Although I mostly work with chainstitch machine embroidery, sometimes hand embroidery is better suited to specific projects. 

Small or medium scale designs on garments. Best suited for detailed images that a machine cannot execute. This technique is also great for embroidering on delicate garments.




How do I care for machine or hand embroidered garments?

The best way to care for embroidered pieces is to wash them by hand, or with your machine on a delicate cycle with mild detergent.

Do not bleach. Hang or lay flat to dry.

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