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Handmade in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Emilie MacPhail Studio is my self-named business, created to share my passion for textiles and the world of garment customization. 

After attending the Alberta University of the Arts majoring in Fibre, I knew that I wanted to forge a path for myself ​in this magical world, where cloth is simply the starting point to creating a

unique- and oftentimes wearable- piece of art. 


I started hand mending garments for my friends and family while I was attending University. This practice helped me slow down, meditate, and appreciate fabric for what it is: a major component of our everyday lives/society that brings us comfort, clothes us and protects us. It also makes our living spaces unique, colourful,  textural and... well ours. Although fabric is an important part of who we are, the rise of Fast Fashion has made us forget how valuable it truly is. That is why I continue to mend garments, to bring new life into items that could be otherwise forgotten and mundane while adding character and value to the piece.


However, the real turning point in my passion for textiles was my discovery of Chainstitch embroidery machines. 

These machines are hand operated, often vintage pieces of equipment, that help the artist handling them to create larger-scale embroidery at a faster rate than is possible with hand embroidery.  


All my Chainstitch embroidery pieces are created by hand, using my vintage hand-operated Singer 114w103 from the 1930s. With this machine, I am able to create work that speaks to the unique, hand crafted and personal nature of traditional embroidery, which has been lost due to the rise in digital embroidery designs and mass-production. 


All pieces are hand-made one at a time, from the drawing to the finished product. This means that every piece is unique and although it can be replicated, no two pieces will be the exact same. 

IMG_0406 copy.jpg

My goal is to reconnect us with our garments and create something unique and special to the wearer. Thank you for showing interest in the work I do!

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