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  • How do I care for machine or hand embroidered garments?
    The best way to care for embroidered pieces is to wash them by hand, or with your machine on a cold & delicate cycle with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • How do I care for mended garments?
    Both hand mended and machine mended garments can be washed by hand or with your machine on a normal cycle. I recommend using mild detergent, and only washing when needed.
  • Can I wash painted denim?
    Yes! All painted pieces are created with a heat-set paint medium mixed into acrylic paint, which allows you to wear and wash your item. However, like any customized piece I would recommend to only wash it when it really needs to, and to wash the piece by hand or by machine on a delicate cycle. It is okay to throw in the dryer on low heat. Hot tip: once you receive your item throw it in the dryer to further heat-set the paint!
  • What type of garment is preferable for chainstitch embroidery and painting?
    I personally love working on denim! But many other garments work well too. The key is to look for pieces that have a low stretch component to them and are on the stiffer side: think cotton, linen, canvas, twills, etc. I do not work on very thin t-shirt materials, stretchy athletic wear, super puffy garments (think winter jacket with all the stuffing), or delicate silk garments (this would be better with hand embroidery!). I also want to mention that I don't only work on denim jackets! We could do pants, dresses, skirts, soft hats, tote bags, towels, pillow cases, curtains, banners and more!
  • Where are you located?
    I work out of my studio/ storefront at #250 328 Center St S in Calgary, AB.
  • How long do repaired pieces last?
    This is a tough one to answer, because it really depends on how often you wear the garment! Repairing clothing doesn't mean that the item is now good forever. Sewing thread will wear down over time as well, just as the initial fabric already has. However, once repaired you should be able to wear the garment as long (if not longer!) than you had until the initial hole was created.
  • What type of imagery can I/ can I not get embroidered ?
    As a rule, I do not embroider offensive imagery. If something is unique, than I leave it up to my discretion based on the specific project and the owner of the piece (think traditional/cultural imagery). I also refuse to copy paste other people's art, designs or intellectual property without their full permission. This is especially true with business logos or any trademarked imagery.
  • Do you take on rushed orders? (A faster turnaround than 2 weeks)
    Yes. However, there will most likely be an extra fee for the work. This will be determined based one the complexity of the piece and how quickly it needs to be done.
  • Do I need to drop off my garment in person to be worked on?
    Not at all! I am happy to ship garments back and forth. We can chat about the details over email and process payment remotely.
  • How much does a custom piece cost?
    Embroidery, repairs and all other custom work cost depends on a few factors: the size of the design, the complexity, the amount of colours, the type of garment it will be on, etc. Each piece is priced individually, as each piece is unique. Head over to my Contact page to inquire further.
  • Where do you ship to?
    I am happy to ship my work anywhere in the world, I just ask that you pay for the appropriate shipping fees.
  • How does payment work? Can I pay in instalments?
    I accept debit, credit, and cash in person + e-transfer or Paypal electronically. I always ask that customers pay either 50% or 100% of the final cost before the work begins. The remaining 50% would be payed upon the completion of the piece. If you would like to pay in smaller instalments, just reach out and we can chat! This will be on a case by case basis. I will however need a deposit of some kind before I start, so keep that in mind.
  • What type of references do I need to provide for the imagery?
    This depends on how much creative control you want in the piece. Some clients bring me their logos, which I would copy as closely as I can. Others bring me a set of images to base my drawings, the size of the image, the style of the piece and colour ways off of. And finally some just give me an idea or theme to go off of, and I create something from scratch! It's really up to you!
  • Do you still do alterations?
    Sadly, I am no longer able to provide general tailoring services such as these: -Hemming (shortening the pant leg) -Tapering (thinning out the pant leg) -Waist take-ins or let outs -Jacket alterations -Replacing zippers etc. I am however taking on more creative sewing jobs on a case by case basis. For example, I no longer hem jeans, but would be happy to add some decorative panelling on a garment as a customization.
Denim Jeans
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Did you know...

All my Chainstitch embroidery pieces are created by hand, using my vintage hand-operated Singer 114w103 from the 1930s.

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